Monday, October 20, 2014


Only now do I know
That love, before
Was not.

Only know do I now
'I love you' before
Was a lie

Because you were not in my life.

Only now do I know
That love refuses to die

In the face of denial
Cowardice, fear
And imagined reprisal
It will stay there inside you
Always the wiser

Only now do I know
That love is the meaning of life.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Blank face
Dead eyes
Ask no questions
Tell more lies

Affected sincerity
All of the time
Perfectly ugly
Selectively blithe

Candy floss words
Endlessly sound
Gushing profusely
Out of your mouth

An oil well burning
Spewing around
Toxic marshmallow
All over the ground

Seeping about
In caramel slicks

Clogging my wings

Making me sick.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Love Junkie

I ween myself
Off you
The ignorant dealer
Feeding my habit
It's pathetic

A month now
Barely a word
Spoken aloud

And still
I see you
Walking around

Do I feel proud?
Just empty

Feel my head
Going down

You're not even phased
That I'm shutting you out.

No idea
You hold so much sway
In the movement of life

I just have to wait
Ride out the waves
Of hate
For myself
And the unbearable weight

The right thing
Hardest to do

Breaking away

Friday, July 12, 2013


You said
I'm the funniest man
And it made me blush
Like a little girl
Thank god
It was dark in that bar
When you chanced your arm
And hooked it
Through mine
And just like that
I knew I was snagged

A line and sinker joke
Would have passed my lips
Right then
If I were as funny
As you say that I am
But I know that I'm not
I'm just trapped in your net
With the rest of the catch
Each of us hoping
You don't throw us back

I've seen you at work
Reeling in men
Breaking their hearts
And now you've got mine
But I couldn't care less
Flopping around
Choking on deck
Watching you cast
Your lines are the best

And with that as the bait
You make us all fools
Drawn in towards you
In passionate schools
Because you understand
The secret of men:
We want nothing more
Than to find ourselves caught
By a beautiful soul
When there's plenty more fishes
Gulping it down
And sloshing around
In front of the bar.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Whispering void
Yearns to be filled
So I shovel
Until I am ill

Sick of the shape
Always the same
No matter
What I throw in

The preciously held
The repulsive banal
When passing the lip

Mute in the hole
No sound or no weight:
If there's a bottom
Then I cannot tell

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Event Horizon

Evolution is amoral
Because everything
Which survives
Does so
For no more reason
Than its fitness
To thrive
And stay alive

No matter what it takes
To propogate the genes
Animals will mate
Monogamous restraint
Morality of religion
Or revered tradition
Or ethical musing
On the human condition
Inhibiting their state
To procreate

Proof inherent
That strict morality
Doesn't fit
With nature's ambiguities
Which allow a clean slate
To be kept more easily
When no scores
Are chalk drawn
By sharp claws
With no laws
But the jungle forms
Which stretch back
To when the universe
Was born

At the hottest time
Billions of years ago
When no conscious decision
Was made
For a singular explosion
To throw matter
As far as it could
Just because it could
Not because it was right
Or wrong
To form clouds of gas
And debris
Which gravitated together
To make stars
And leftovers
To collide
And form planets
Which circled around
Solar systems

It just happened
With no moral sense
That makes sense
To the human position
To the idea
That so many hold dear
That everything must happen
For a reason
But this is high treason
In the face of nature
Which just works
In seasons
Taking lives
And making lives
In summer and winter
Its own selections
Of hell and high water
Not carved in stone
No resurrections
For lives snuffed out
There is no ever after
For stars
Burned out
Gone supernova

On a lonely road
On one side
Of a planet
An old man
A wind-up car
With the necessary
To carry it
Far beyond
The day he dies
To journey on
Around the world
And reach
A distant land
His only hope
That chance
Will force
A baby's hand
To grasp the car
To pick it up
But whether it
Or does not
The baby
Understand that
The old man
The handicap
Of his lifespan

No heaven
No father
No son
No holy spirit
For dead stars
Just a bubble in the sky
For eyes
To look at
And consider
That one day
The bubble, the sun
Which holds their own system
And cradles life
As they know it
Will burn out
And everything
Around them
Will disappear
In a white hot flash
Because their own star's
Restless heart
Will break
And send
The last of its light
In a shockwave
To career
Along its own path
To streak
Light years
Into the distance
On a collision course
With a night sky
Above some other world
In the future existence
Of life as yet unbidden
On planets
In solar systems
Still fizzing
At their beginnings
That a breathtaking
Firework display
In the making
Is on its way
To meet
Eyes as yet unborn
Which will look at
And consider
The last gasp
Our star ever made
This is the connection
The reach
Beyond our grasp
Because the galaxy
Is too large
For our lives
Too short
To reach
Across stars
With our own claws

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Old flames

Old flames
All winds, all rains
And all sands of time

Old flames
With fuel
Well stored
By loving minds

Old flames
Burn hottest
In the coldest times

Old flames
Can not
Ever really die.